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The world is full of questions and not a lot of answers. Though we don’t believe we can find many answers to the deep questions, such as what is consciousness and what are we doing here on this crazy planet, Taileaters was created to help individuals who are trying to find answers. Wanting to discuss some of the questions with others? We offer discussions over topics of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and other consciousness based questions. We also offer to find others like yourself through www.taileaters.com/discussion/, a community of consciousness explores who are interested in a variety of topics such as Lucid Dream, Out of Body Experiences, and more.

With the community we have designed we focus our work around a symbol that has always inspired us to continue to grow and better our lives. The Ouroboros has been used for thousands of years by many different occult groups, artists, religions, and societies to inspire individuals to seek growth through the process of bettering oneself. With an Ouroboros there is no ending to the search for knowledge, there is no end to the cycle of life. The quote below represents this iconic symbol through the ages.

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“I live, I die, I learn, I forget, I do it all again.”

We have found the Ouroboros an inspiration through our lives because the process of learning has been an ongoing process. We often find ourselves relearning things over and over again with no end in sight. Don’t we often learn something that we feel is new and inspirational, but then ask the question has anyone else learned this before? How many times before? Is any knowledge new or just being revisited over and over again? We are not sure, and we are not sure that matters. What does seem to matter is that we use this knowledge to better ourselves and to eventually become awaken to truths. That is the goal here, to wake up.

Our Community

As a community, Taileaters is dedicated to the search for knowledge. All members of the Taileaters community of researchers and scholars have sought deeper into their dreams to see what new amazing and interesting things they could find. As we have grown older we have found knowledge in books and in professors. As we continue gaining knowledge from age, we find that the information we gain from personal experiences, spiritual and mystical experiences, and most of all relationships with friends and loved ones to be something that shouldn’t be overlooked and be shared.

Our Goal

We hope that you will enjoy reading about our philosophies and ideas. We also hope that it will inspire you to seek knowledge in yourself and in others so that you too can find truths or answers to questions that you seek. If this mission resonates with you personally and you would like to become a contributor to this mission we ask that you contact us to learn more about how to take part in developing the content.

Remember that growth is a process and our process is to slowly grow this community. While you visit or take part in our conversations we hope that you will have the passion to learn, as through passion and knowledge we can do a great deal together.


Taileaters explores the strange and bizarre phenomenon that happens in our lives, when we sleep, and in altered states.

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